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Steampunk Weddings

A Guide to Planning the Perfect Retro-Futuristic Celebration

Steampunk style is all about imagining a past version of the future, full of gears, steam power, airships, and elegant vintage fashions. It’s an aesthetic that celebrates 19th century industrial ingenuity and 20th century sci-fi dreams. More and more couples are embracing the world of steampunk to create a uniquely fanciful and nostalgic wedding theme.

From the invitations to attire to decor, there are so many ways to incorporate steampunk elements into your big day. With retro-futuristic details, your wedding will transport guests to an imaginative neo-Victorian setting. If you and your partner love steampunk culture and design, a steampunk wedding is a wonderful way to infuse your personalities and passion into the event. This guide will walk you through key aspects of planning the perfect steampunk wedding celebration.

Setting the Scene

When envisioning a steampunk wedding, think about the type of setting that will transport guests to another world. Look for vintage industrial venues like old factories, warehouses, and train stations that you can decorate with steampunk accents. Or embrace the Victorian era with locations like museums, gardens, libraries, and ballrooms.

For DIYers, transforming your own backyard or an empty field into a fantastical steampunk setting is also an option. Use tents, Install gears, clocks, and kleig lights to create an imaginative ambiance. Supply power with old-timey generators and boilers for effect. The right location will immediately set the mood for a retro-futuristic soiree.


Steampunk wedding invitations establish the vision from the very start. Design invitations that look like old maps, science journal pages, or worn leather cases holding mysteriously encrypted messages for guests. Use typing fonts like Phatcat or Regent for a vintage typewritten style.

Incorporate cogs, gears, clock hands, compasses, and keys into the design. Print invitations on textured paper or tea-stained cardstock for an antiqued effect. Use a wax seal with your custom monogram to make invitations extra official. The envelopes themselves can mimic scrolls, airmail letters, or treasure chests. Get creative with steampunk wedding invites to announce your techno-Victorian affair.


Clothing is key for pulling off a steampunk wedding in true retro-futuristic style. For brides, think corsets, bustles, lace, feathers, top hats, and plenty of ruffles and frills. Keep silhouettes Victorian inspired while adding unconventional accents and accessories. Metallic fabrics, aviation goggles, mechanical jewelry, and gear embellishments all fit the steampunk aesthetic. And don’t forget bold, sultry makeup looks!

Grooms can wear embroidered frock coats, waistcoats, top hats, and even decorative canes. Pocket watches, gloves, spats, and antique-looking glasses also help complete a sharp steampunk suit style. For wedding parties, outfit men in vests, newsboy hats, and suspenders while dressing women in high-low dresses, bloomers, and ascots. There are no limits to creating distinctive looks for a steampunk wedding party.

When it comes to guests, provide style guidance on invitations so they can also participate in the retro-futuristic dress code. Even if not strictly steampunk, having attendees wear creative Gilded Age or Victorian inspired fashion will help enhance the atmosphere. Make your wedding an immersive steampunk affair from head to toe.


The ceremony is couples’ opportunity to infuse steampunk into their wedding in a meaningful way. For the processional, have bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle cosplaying as airship captains and first mates. The groom can then arrive piloting a small zeppelin model on wheels or being chauffeured in a vintage car.

Have the officiant dress the part in tails, a top hat, and monocle. During the exchanging of rings, consider using rings that incorporate cogs or gears as symbols of your lives intertwining like machinery. Write your own retro-futuristic vows that weave in steampunk language and imagery.

Light an old-fashioned oil lantern instead of candles to symbolize the start of your new life together. With the right props, costumes, and scripting, you can tell a compelling steampunk love story through your ceremony.

steampunk wedding


At the reception, your steampunk story continues with decor, entertainment, activities, and food and drink to surround guests in your vintage-futuristic world. Incorporate gears, zeppelins, clocks, maps, compasses, keys, goggles, and Victorian accessories into centerpieces and overall event decor. Use lighting like antique Edison bulbs, candlesticks, and marquee letters to maintain moody steampunk vibes.

Entertain guests with musicians playing electromagnetophonic instruments like theremins, multimonochords, and Francensteins. Hire dancers to perform avant garde interpretive routines in steampunk costumes. Project vintage science films like A Trip to the Moon to keep with the retro futurism theme. Offer immersive photo ops with steampunk props and backgrounds.

For activities, provide supplies for crafting steampunk inventions or demonstrate mad science experiments at stations throughout the reception. Have guests solve puzzles or decoding activities at tables to drive engagement and conversation.

Cater food and drinks with a neo Victorian twist by incorporating flavors popular during the time period like smoked meats, oysters, elderflower, and absinthe. Serve brandy, scotch, and bourbon cocktails along with steampunk-themed craft beers. Adorn cakes and desserts with metal embellishments. Every detail offers an opportunity to let your steampunk story unfold.


Your steampunk escapade doesn’t have to end with the wedding. For your honeymoon, escape to a location that aligns with the aesthetic like San Francisco, New Orleans, London, or Prague. Check out museums that contain turn-of-the-century industrial technology and visit landmarks that exemplify Gothic Revival architecture.

Wander side streets and cobblestone paths while imagining you’ve time traveled back to 1899. Stop at antique bookstores, clock shops, and old-fashioned pubs. While packing, be sure to bring steampunk-inspired accessories and props to create impromptu photo ops throughout your journey. Let your honeymoon be a whirlwind time travel adventure to cap off your spectacular steampunk wedding.

Advice for Pulling It All Together

Planning a steampunk wedding requires weaving details together into one cohesive vision. Follow this advice for executing a stunning retro-futuristic affair:

Research – Immerse yourself in the world of steampunk through books, films, and events. Get familiar with the history and key aesthetic components so you can pick and choose elements that excite you most for your wedding.

DIY Components – Many steampunk accents can be handmade if you have the time and creativity. Make invitations, signs, props, accessories, and decor items yourself or with the help of crafty friends and family members.

Find Your Inspiration – Look at images from steampunk photo shoots, movies, books, and artwork to spark inspiration for your own wedding details. DeviantArt and Pinterest both have a treasure trove of steampunk content to browse.

Mix Old and New – While steampunk is vintage inspired, it’s important to interject modern elements too so the wedding feels futuristic as well as retro. Incorporate some contemporary tracks into the music playlist or allow bridesmaids to choose sleek hair and makeup looks to balance the old-world attire.

Stay True to You – While going all out steampunk, don’t lose sight of your own personalities and love story. Keep some decor, food, music, and activities un-themed so your wedding style still shines through.

Budget Accordingly – Steampunk details like costumes and props can add up. Set a realistic budget so you don’t overspend while still getting the right decorative elements you need to transform the venue.

Have a Sense of Humor – Steampunk is campy and quirky by nature. Encourage everyone to get into character and have fun with the theatricality. Strike a balance between elegance and playfulness so guests feel comfortable letting loose.

Try a Styled Shoot – If you need help envisioning how steampunk will come together, plan a styled wedding photoshoot. Work with vendors to create a sample table, ceremony setup, and fashion looks on models. This will give you the chance to experiment before the big day.

Get Pro Tips – Consult with experienced steampunk vendors who can advise you on decor, fashion, food, and entertainment to make planning easier. Take cues from those who know the culture best.

Embrace Imperfection – With lots of handmade and vintage elements, some details won’t turn out flawless. That’s part of the creative charm. Focus on telling a captivating story vs. everything looking pristine.

With the right blend of neo-Victorian and eccentric futuristic style, you can host a steampunk wedding that provides a truly imaginative experience for you and your guests. Let your love of science fiction, antique machinery, vintage fashion, and DIY artistry inspire your special day. By incorporating gears, gadgets, retro flair, and a sense of adventure, you’ll have an utterly unforgettable wedding celebration.

steampunk wedding party

Steampunk Wedding Attire Ideas

Clothing and accessories are central for pulling off the steampunk aesthetic. As you plan your wedding style, spend time brainstorming fun and creative attire ideas for yourself, your partner, and the wedding party. Here are some specific suggestions:

For the Bride:

  • Corseted ballgown with metallic embellishments
  • Bustled skirt with layers of lace and ruffles
  • Floor-length silk dress with aviation cap and goggles
  • Top hat or fascinator headpiece with veiling
  • Elbow-length leather gloves
  • Vintage watch pinned at waist or wrist
  • Garter belt with antique buttons or gears
  • Dark vampy lipstick for a dramatic look
  • Lace parasol for a romantic touch
  • High-heeled boots or boot covers

For the Groom:

  • Embroidered tailcoat or frock coat
  • Vest with pocket watch chain
  • Ruffled or lace-edged dress shirt
  • Top hat or bowler hat
  • Breeches or pinstriped trousers
  • Spats over shoes
  • Retro watch, gunslinger belt, and/or goggles
  • Pocket or wristwatch on chain
  • Boutonniere made from gears or machine parts
  • Canes or walking sticks as accessories

For Bridesmaids:

  • Steampunk corsets or bodices over skirts
  • Elbow-length sleeves with lace or ruffles
  • Bustled skirt with petticoats
  • Top hats, bowlers, or fascinators
  • Antique brooches and necklaces
  • Lace, feathers, or chains in updos
  • Dark makeup with matte lips

For Groomsmen:

  • Striped or plaid three-piece suits
  • Bow ties, kerchiefs, or bolo ties
  • Waistcoats, pocket watches
  • Suspenders and sleeve garters
  • Top hats or newsboy caps
  • Fake moustaches / mutton chops
  • Monocles or glasses

For Guests:

  • Repurposed vintage and Victorian inspired clothing
  • Hats, gloves, canes
  • Medals, chains, fob watches
  • Steampunk goggles & glasses
  • Corsets, bustiers, petticoats for women
  • Tailcoats, waistcoats for men

Keep attire both classy and creative. The right mix of clothing and accessories will transform your wedding into a sublime steampunk affair.

steampunk wedding bride and groom

Steampunk Wedding Decor Tips

To complement the attire and immerse guests in the retro-futuristic theme, your venue decor should be loaded with steampunk accents. As you plan out the look, consider these ideas:

  • Incorporate cast iron, brass, wood, and leather elements
  • Use vintage books, maps, and globes as decoration
  • Display antiques like typewriters, clocks, and telescopes
  • Create gear garlands strung from rafters and chandeliers
  • Use Edison-style light bulbs in different sizes and shapes for lighting
  • Incorporate terrariums, apothecary jars, and old laboratory equipment
  • Make bouquet arrangements out of hardware store finds like pipes and tools
  • Embellish table settings with monocles, pocket watches, and antique keys
  • Craft napkin rings from old watch parts and other repurposed machine pieces
  • Print table numbers on aged paper and distress signs edges to look old
  • Use a gears, cogs, and steampunk art for centerpieces
  • Rent industrial props like pneumatic tubes, boilers, turbines
  • Incorporate elements from nature like moss, ferns, and succulents to contrast the industrial look

With the right mix of eclectic items, you can transform any venue into a stylishly curated steampunk setting.

Food and Beverage Ideas for Steampunk Weddings

To delight guests’ palates as well as their eyes, serve up refreshments that feel both neo-Victorian and imaginative. Some menu ideas include:

  • English tea sandwiches and scones with clotted cream
  • Smoked salmon, oysters, lobster tails, and game meats
  • Hearty stews, pot pies, and roasted meats
  • Elderflower cordials, absinthe cocktails, and scotch or bourbon drinks
  • Chocolate or caramel liqueurs like Godiva or Bailey’s
  • Properly styled absinthe service station with fountain dispenser
  • Steampunk-themed cocktails like cogsmiths, airship pirates, or boilermakers
  • Gears, smog, or clock face made from charcuterie

For the wedding cake, decorate with edible metallic gold, chocolate or bronze clay cogs, fondant machinery, or modeling chocolate tools. Or forego cake in favor of brittle, macarons, trifles, and bite-sized desserts. For a fun late-night snack, serve fish and chips wrapped in vintage newspaper along with classic ale and porter.

With the right mix of neo-Victorian flavors and distinctive presentation, your steampunk reception menu will delight and dazzle.

Entertainment Ideas for Steampunk Weddings

To keep your guests entertained all evening long, incorporate entertainment and activities with steampunk flair. Some ideas include:

  • Live music from string quartets, jazz trios, ragtime pianists
  • Hire dancers to waltz or dance the jitterbug
  • Project silent films like Metropolis or vintage cartoons onto walls
  • Arrange a dramatic steampunk theatrical performance
  • Have artists sketch caricatures of guests using retro motifs
  • Provide supplies for crafting fascinators, goggles, or mustaches
  • Mad scientist stations with fake experiments & prototypes
  • Unique bartending flair and cocktail demonstrations
  • Dimensional photo booth props for amusing pictures
  • Contests like “best moustache”, best costumes, or most inventive DIY steampunk accessory

Keep things fun and interactive while maintaining the neo-Victorian futuristic theme. This will ensure guests have lots to do besides just mingling and dancing at your reception.

That covers the key details for planning a spectacular steampunk wedding! Let your creativity go wild, and don’t be afraid to geek out over all the fun sci-fi inspired elements you can incorporate. With the perfect blend of vintage and imaginative details, your big day will transport guests to a retro-futuristic fantasy world.

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